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Tree Removal 

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A Certified Arborist will maintain your tree's health and strength through evaluating the growth patterns and identify when a tree has turned in to a hazard. Trust Medrano’s Tree arborists to complete a free tree diagnosis to assess potential hazards affecting your property today.

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Tree Removal Services

the decision to remove a tree from your property isn’t taken lightly. However, sometimes, it is necessary for the safety and integrity of your property. Rest assured that our ISA-certified arborists will guide you every step of the way, ensuring a smooth and informed process.

In some cases, tree issues can be fixed with various remedial services. Other times, tree removal may be required.

Below are some of the most common reasons that tree removal is requested by property owners.

  • Succumbed to pest infection or disease and must be removed to limit its spread to other foliage

  • Dead or dying, it has become structurally unsound and potentially hazardous. Standing dead trees lose structural integrity over time and are at risk of damage from falling limbs

  • Tree damage from a storm (thunderstorms, tornadoes, fires, and hurricanes). 

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Tree Removals methonds

Crane-assisted tree removal allows for precise and safe tree removal. Our expert arborists assess the tree for weight distribution, trunk health, and more, then make specific notch cuts to direct how segments fall to the ground. This method of tree removal is used when space is tight, or the tree is near obstructions such as power lines.

Crane Assisted Tree Removal

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Medrano's Crane Assisted Tree Service

Safe, Convenient and Awsome. At Medrano's, we take pride in using cranes for precise and efficient tree removal. The process begins with selecting a level area for crane setup, usually discussed with the property owner. Once the crane is in place, the boom extends over the target tree. Our climber attaches to a lowered crane ball and ascends the tree. After securing the cable and applying tension, he descends to the cut area and makes the cut. The crane then lifts the section to a landing zone, where ground crew detaches it for the next lift. This cycle continues until the tree is fully removed


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