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At Medrano's Tree Service, we understand that tree removal is a complex and often necessary task. Serving the Triangle and surrounding area we specialize in safe, efficient, and professional tree removal services that you can rely on.

Medrano's Tree Removal 

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Why Choose Medrano's Tree Service for Tree Removal?

As Certified Arborists, we take the back seat to no one in level of expertise and care to each project that sets us apart. Our team of skilled Tree Surgeons assesses each situation carefully to determine the most effective removal method, ensuring the safety of your property and loved onesWe are expertly trained to identify trees that pose a risk, as well as the contributing factors that could lead to their failure. While we have a deep respect for trees, our assessments are not biased. Our Job is to equip you with all the necessary information, helping you make the most informed decision.


Advanced Techniques and Equipment

We are proud to offer advanced tree removal techniques, including the use of a crane for particularly challenging or hazardous trees. This allows us to handle even the most complex tree removal scenarios with precision and safety.


Comprehensive Tree Service Raleigh

Whether you're dealing with a diseased tree, a potential hazard, or simply need to clear space for new construction, Medrano's Tree Service is your go-to solution for Tree Removal in Raleigh.

Thank you for considering Medrano's Tree Service for your tree removal needs. We look forward to providing you with exceptional service.

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Felling Tree
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Our Processes


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Step One

Assessing the situation

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Felling a tree starts with estimating its height and assessing the surrounding area for enough space to safely bring it down. In urban settings, trees often need to be dismantled in sections due to space constraints. The cutter evaluates the tree's lean, weight distribution, and any trunk defects to decide the type of notch to use. A rope is tied to the tree's top to guide its fall. Cutting begins with a notch, or wedge, to direct the fall, followed by a back cut. Adjusting the back cut can alter the fall direction. The hinge wood, the wood left between the back cut and notch, briefly holds the tree and guides it during the fall.



In tree removal near structures or power lines, planning is crucial. At Medrano's, our expert climbers mentally dismantle the tree before making a cut. Rigging is set at a central point, and limbs are cut and lowered. If space is tight, ropes control the descent. Ground personnel guide the limbs to a designated landing zone, sometimes far from the rigging point. Timing is critical; a slight error can result in property damage or injury. Never let an untrained individual handle such complex and risky tasks.


Crane Removal

Safe, Convenient and Awsome. At Medrano's, we take pride in using cranes for precise and efficient tree removal. The process begins with selecting a level area for crane setup, usually discussed with the property owner. Once the crane is in place, the boom extends over the target tree. Our climber attaches to a lowered crane ball and ascends the tree. After securing the cable and applying tension, he descends to the cut area and makes the cut. The crane then lifts the section to a landing zone, where ground crew detaches it for the next lift. This cycle continues until the tree is fully removed.

Clean Up: Ground Crew & Debris Removal

Step Three

This type of clean up service will transform your property and make it look new again. We chip the wood that we don’t haul away. Wood chips make a great mulch and can be used to create a natural border on your property.

Our ground crew excels in managing wood once it's on the ground, ensuring 100% utilization. They expertly cut all material to fit designated trucks. Limbs and branches under 12 inches go through a wood chipper to become mulch. Logs over 10 inches are cut to length and sent to mills for conversion into products like paper and furniture. After all large tree pieces are removed, the crew meticulously rakes and blows the yard, leaving it cleaner than before.

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